The Estate

The Guirado Estate

The Estate of Juan Antonio Guirado was originally founded in 2013, by the artist’s only daughter, Catalina Guirado. Its primary aim is to advance and establish the heritage of this critically acclaimed 20th Century artist.

The Estate is supported by an international loan programme, as well as a research and documentation centre. This collection has examples of every aspect of Guirado’s versatile artistic output and its typologies. These include preparatory studies, drawings and paintings, all varying in theme and technique.

Collection genres include Andalusian landscapes, a large series of portraitures, bullfighting studies, abstract & spray paintings, and the largest and most recognised body of work comprises of visionary paintings, otherwise known as Guirado’s Intrarealist work, which was strongly influenced by his social- political views, his environmental concerns, spiritual beliefs, study of eastern philosophy and man’s ever growing quest for enlightenment.

In our mission to increase our full understanding and appreciation of Guirado’s work, a dedicated team of cataloguers and art historians continuously document and research this artist’s fascinating creative process.

The Guirado Estate also aims to encourage contemporary artists to celebrate their passion for the fine arts in the artistic practice. With this in mind, the Guirado Estate intends to give grants, hold a series of competitions & educational programmes aimed at the promotion of emerging artists and the diffusion of the Andalusian artist’s unique technique.

At the Guirado Estate we are dedicated to furthering Guirado’s legacy through the preservation of the object, as well as its cultural, historical & essentialist context, highlighting both Spanish & Latin influences and heritage.

The Team

Catalina Guirado

Guirado Estate President

The Guirado Estate was founded in London in 2013 by the painter’s only daughter, Catalina Guirado, in order to continue the artist’s legacy and promote his significant work.

Having studied classical violin and piano at the Guildhall of music from fourteen years of age, she was spotted by British VOGUE’s Jo Matthews at 15 and decided to switch careers on leaving school. She became one of Britain’s top models in the 1990s being featured in magazines such as ELLE, Italian and British VOGUE, Cosmopolitan as well as starring in advertising campaigns and walking for top international designers during fashion week.

She moved into television hosting in 1996 after being Chris Evan’s sidekick on Channel 4’s award winning, 90s cult show, “TFI Fridays”. She also returned to her musical roots with a music publishing deal with Universal Music where she wrote and recorded her own album ‘Shine’ as well as  songs for other artists.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2001, she worked in music A&R helping to create one of the first music web TV channels and launching a boutique PR company promoting young artists.

Following the passing of her father, Juan Antonio Guirado in 2010, she became president  of the acclaimed artist’s estate and has spent the last five years working to re-introduce the Spanish artist’s work on an international level curating the Guirado exhibition, “Out of Darkness Comes Light” in 2011 at the Los Angeles Art Association, Gallery 825.

Beyond her role as the President of the Guirado Estate, Catalina is the creative director and designer for her design label, Guirado Legacy, using select works of her father’s art, reinterpreted as designs for fabrics and interiors.

Wanda von Breisky

Collection Director & Head Curator

Wanda has a Cambridge University Bachelor of Arts degree from Christie’s in History of Art, a Bachelor of Arts degree, Honours, in Fine and Decorative Arts from Sotheby’s Institute and a Master of Arts in Art Business. With a combined education and contemporary arts hands on experience, Wanda’s passions also lie with combining the fine arts and charitable trusts.

Wanda has organised several philanthropic art events, including the British Red Cross’ “Art for Humanity” and “Inspired” exhibitions, Body and Soul’s Charity soiree, “Public Players”, and the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s “Renaissance Feet”. Previous to joining the Guirado Estate, Wanda founded Arts Beyond, dedicating her working life to sourcing and promoting  up and coming artists.

Wanda has curated over 60 independent exhibitions in London, Paris & Lisbon, with shows being held at the renowned Air Gallery in Mayfair, the eclectic Brick House in Brick Lane and Village Royale in Paris. Wanda has represented over 40 artists some of which include: Petr Weigl, Chayan Khoi , Stasha Palos, Ana Louise Felstead, Maximilian Wiedemann, Owanto and Rory Mackay.

With over 16 years of contemporary art experience, Wanda von Breisky brings her celebrated holistic approach to curating the Guirado Estate’s exhibitions and educational platforms. Since being at the Guirado Estate, Wanda has helped establish both its core business structure, as well as furthered the development of various departments, such as its research and documentation centre, events and curatorial team.

As Director and Head Curator, Wanda is responsible for bringing to life and curating the masterpiece exhibitions that are the vision of the Guirado Estate ‘to advance and establish the heritage of this critically acclaimed 20th Century artist’.

Her experienced management background sees her overseeing, supervising and unifying each project to bring concept to breath-taking reality.

Laura Azahar

Head of Research

Laura Azahar has a Master’s degree in Translation Theory and Practice from University College London (United Kingdom) and a degree from York University in Toronto (Canada) in Hispanic Studies.

Her specialism has led her to the translation, and theoretical analysis of 16th Century Spanish texts. This has given her an important background in Spanish history and culture, as well as great knowledge of the language.

She is the first point of contact in the Research Department of the Guirado Estate, where she has accomplished incredible work in the structure and classification of the estate’s archive on a research level based on Juan Antonio Guirado’s life and work. She works  in the London headquarter, where she also carries out administrative work.

Paloma Rodera

Art Research Consultant

Paloma has a PhD in Theatre Microsociology from Universidad Complutense (Spain), she has completed a Master’s degree in Theatre and Performing Arts from the Madrid Theatre Institute and she possesses a degree in Fine Arts. She is currently completing a degree in Philosophy.

Her work has been exhibited in various temporary exhibitions in Spain, Italy, Argentina and the United States; and it forms part of permanent collections in various museums and contemporary art spaces. As an artist, she works with different disciplines, which include performance, photography and sculpture. The central theme of her works revolves around interpersonal communication and a deep reflection on art within our society and the artist as a figure. She has belonged to artist groups and platforms which are engaged with different realities such as the recognition of women in art history or the concept of space in the search of artistic creativity  within communities.

She works as a consultant and art critic and she writes for various publications which specialise in art such as Culturamas (where she is Chief Editor), or El Duende, to name a few. She is the author of various publications related to culture both professionally and in academia. She conducts lectures on the urban space and on contemporary art within and out of Spain; in addition to seminars and courses at the university, as well as in  an informal educational context on culture.

In her commitment to pedagogy, she’s a professor in and out of academia. She teaches various experimental workshops which are related to the performing arts and its benefits and practical application to other disciplines. She possesses a great amount of  experience in theatre; in university she was given an award for her first work as a director for an adaptation of Strindberg’s classic work, Miss Julie. She was the founder and worked as the director of the theatre company, Teatro  al Punto Producciones and the Vice President of Venezia Teatro, a company dedicated to the reinterpretation of classical texts. She has collaborated with other companies who work in unconventional spaces. She belongs to the network of the Spanish National Drama Centre, La Vía Actor.

Paloma is also a graphic designer, designing corporate branding for various companies. She places emphasis on meticulous and detail oriented work, possessing  a clear understanding of the communicative aim of all of her design work as  a  marketing strategy.

Speaks four languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish. She has completed  various translations in these languages for art and cultural texts.

She is passionate about  gastronomy and the  environment. She is a member of  the Italian Slow Food  association and has produced documentaries on ethnogastronomy and sustainable development.

Cano Estudio

Public Relations

Cano Estudio was established in 2004 as the first communications agency which specialised in culture, art and architecture in Madrid.
Their success is due to their capacity to adapt their message and language to all types of media, whether it is cultural, lifestyle or even finance to reach the widest media outlets possible. Cano Estudio works closely with various art institutions such as Museo ABC and Museo ICO, and it is the official communications representative for the Spanish pavilion at the Venice Biennial.
The agency has attained media coverage related to culture and fine art in Descubrir el Arte, El Duende, Exit, Tendencias del Mercado del Arte, Elle, Marie Claire, Telva, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Forbes, Financial Times, El País, Arquitectural Digest and Arquitectura y Diseño to name a few, as well as specialised blogs and in social media.