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The Guirado Art Estate

The Estate of Juan Antonio Guirado was originally founded in 2013, by the artist's daughter Catalina Guirado. 

With works in the permanent collection of the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, The Museum of Malta, Museo Gilabert, Arboles, ES amongst others, over 50 solo shows over his career and 20 group shows, winner of the gold medal of the Grolla D'rollo art competition in 1975, Venice and with a string of successful exhibitions following  Juan Antonio Guirado's passing in 2010, the Guirado Estate's most recent Museum & University shows in 2018 at the Coral Gables Museum, Miami (alongside Carlos Cruz-Diez), and at the University of Jaén have proven Guirado to continue to be an artist of international acclaim and interest.


With Juan Antonio Guirado being included in a new UNED Mooc university course for Spanish-speaking students successfully launched in 2017, the interest in the artist proves that the themes of his paintings, Spirituality, environmental issues, and politics, resonate with a fresh contemporary audience.


Having recently been curated into the Cesario Rodriguez- Aguilera Foundation, belonging to the University of Jaén, Guirado was curated alongside Spanish masters Picasso, Miro, Tapies amongst a whose who of Spanish art. The exhibition 'Parallel Visionaries' was curated by Laura Revuelta, Art Critic, Curator, and Editor in Chief of ABC Culture, as part of an education program on Guirado and his historical relevance in Spanish art.

Art Critic, Curator, and Editor in Chief of ABC Culture, Laura Revuelta commented: "In ‘Parallel Visionaries’ we see a dialogue between Juan Antonio Guirado and the great artists of Twentieth-Century Spanish art - Picasso, Miró, Saura, and Tàpies -  which revolves around the dominant issues and conflicts of the twentieth century through to the present day. Visions and parallel discourses of differing pictorial personalities that reflect on the world and its eternal conflicts: crises, wars, famines, nature, and its desolate landscapes. Art implicated with reality. Expressions and parallel visions incriminated by man, with art at the forefront of creation and humanity. "

My father was a painter influenced by Eastern philosophy whose work tries to reflect the anger, hunger, and desperation in mankind. His visionary work seems to align with the prophecies of 2012. He was mainly concerned with the end of a cycle in the history of civilization. Like most essentialists, his painting was subjected to a radical purification and he succeeded in crossing the frontier between realism and visionary realism. Much of his work revolved around a tunnel of white light, of immaculate purity and infinite length, with rows of people heading towards that final mystery. It is the tantra that inspired him to be honest with himself whilst relating to the past and present to forecast the future. It is for this reason that his work contains the mysteries and doubts that all human beings carry inside them. In summary, my father was a fusion of both the Renaissance and the Surrealist world.

Catalina Guirado, 2011.

Catalina Guirado
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