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The Andalucian painter.

Born in Jaén in 1932 Guirado kept the Duende of Andalucia in his heart despite much travel and returned to his homeland in the 1970s living in Jaén, Granada before finally settling in Mojacar until his death in 2010.

His love of the region of Andalucia with its majestic serrano Nevada mountains, flamenco, and bullfighting are evident in his less well known impressionistic Andalucian landscapes, Character portraits, and bullfighting studies seen below.

Guirado is named in the encyclopedia of Andalucia as Maestro of the region and in 2018 he was honored by his home town of Jaén with an exhibition celebrating the University of Jaén's 25th anniversary. The Guirado Estate presented one of his paintings to be added to the famous collection of the Cesareo Rodriguez- Aguilera foundation belonging to the university. The group exhibition ‘Parallel Visionaries’ was curated by Wanda von Breisky, Guirado Estate Curator, and Laura Revuelta, Art Critic, Curator and Editor in Chief of ABC Culture. Key works from the Guirado Estate were selected by the Curators to be shown alongside other Spanish masters from the University collection including Miro, Picasso, and Tapies.

In September of 2018, A bronze bust was recreated by artist and friend of Guirado, Helio Clemente, and was presented to the city of Jaén by the mayor of the province. The bust was placed in the José Nogué school of art that Guirado attended in his youth.

Guirado's daughter, President of the Guirado Estate Catalina Guirado now focuses on creating an international Art Foundation with the city of Jaen as an International art platform for the region celebrating Andalucia and the artists from it.

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