The Andalucian Master Painter

The rediscovery of Juan Antonio Guirado, an artist who had a long career and was recognized both in his native country, Spain, as well as internationally. With the passing of time and contemporary events, his work was forgotten but his memory prevailed. His name remained in the margins of art history, from which it is rescued in order to be reborn again with all the nuances and implications it had during the second half of the 20th Century. Juan Antonio Guirado had an artistic calling from the time he was very young alongside an authentic commitment to the creation and pictorial research. He was born in a town in the province of Jaén. He left Spain for an original and unique destination: Australia. In that far-off corner of the world, he looked for and found a new way to understand Spanish traditions. His work is full of nuances that range from historical avant-garde to movements that were closer to his own time: Essentialism and Intrarealism.

It is the point where the influence of Eastern wisdom, which Guirado strongly and optimistically absorbed in Australia, his communion with the landscape, and the most ancestral drama of the Spanish tradition come together. He mastered the difficult intuition or sensitivity that Buddhism calls the Third Eye. 

When asked how he would describe his own painting, Guirado replied, “I would describe it as an Intrarealist painting. It is the type of painting that one has to see with the third eye, the eye of the mind.”  In Guirado´s own words which form the subtitle given to this collection of work; Legacy Paintings, Environmentalism and Landscapes we hope to challenge you to use your mind as well as your eyes, to look at yourself and the reality of your surroundings through Guirado’s works. 

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