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Out of Darkness
Comes Light


Spanish Yogi & close friend of Guirado, Ramiro Calle describes his work:


Juan Antonio Guirado's work is endless in its content. It reflects countless changes that can never leave us unaffected. A single fragment of his paintings is a sub-painting where human beings are the great protagonists who are shown in their utmost minimal expression, and when magnified can be seen entering the mystery of life towards spiritual calm.  Guirado is a painter of tantric and Jvedantic nuances. A tantra, as it is well known, is a Hindu-Buddhist creation whose final reality is the Divine Mother or Feminine Power. This explains why in many of his paintings we can observe his critique of the constant chaos that is human injustice. Desertification, famine, malice, an exodus of the masses to unknown places, are all reflections of our reality. They are like pages in the book of our lives that try to warn us about the disaster that draws closer and he makes us aware of it so that we can use the power of the universe constructively and creatively. ‘In the beginning, only I existed, and from my energy, the cosmos was manifested, said Brahman in the Vedas. A while ago, Guirado discovered some books in Australia about the Vedanta philosophy that stipulates unity in everything, where nothing is finite or infinite. Guirado delved in it, reflected upon it, and as if it were a command, painted it, thus initiating the kind of painting that is full of spirituality and metaphysical reality. Intrarealism. With his intrarealist paintings, Guirado gives power to what I could call ‘intravision’ or the vision of the self. By contemplating his magnificent paintings, one develops, even without noticing, a reflection of the self, that which represents the meaning of consciousness._


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