Living Things vs All Things Obsolete

Gaia is a scientific name for a theme that is deeply connected to man and his origins: Man in communion with Nature, or in an open war against it; the abuse to which Nature is being subjected by man and its daily inhumane and unnatural exploitation. Seas, volcanoes, fields on fire, signs of life and of animals and earthly death; endless landscapes inhabited by light, by hope, by the search for an essence between the earth's luminous fire and the sky; these are some of the scenes that are all depicted in this category. Guirado's landscape gaze is also centred on Lanzarote, where he lived for a while, and it dives into the ocean; at the bottom and on the surface; among its rough waves and its black tides. Between the demise and desolation of the ecosystem; life and death. "Living Nature" and "All Things Obsolete" are the blocks into which this line of thought is divided.