Juan Antonio Guirado’s landscapes capture beyond what the eye sees; his paint strokes are a direct blow to the retina, as is represented by the intense selection of works below. These range from classically impressionist mountains of Andalusia, conveying historical events  & touching upon political references (La Toma de Granada/ The Taking of Granada, circa. 1970- 1980), to surrealist & above all intrarealist landscapes charged with spiritual reflections & environmental concerns.

Guirado traveled all over the world showing his artist training by painting landscapes in multiple mediums and artistic styles from classical to impressionistic, surreal, abstract, and intrarealist.

His first major landscape entitled  'Australia' was painted when he returned to Spain in 1972 after leaving the country that changed his life and inspired his new style of abstract painting that he is famous for. Using blues and yellows it speaks of the new positivity and spirituality that he found there.

In 2017 Guirado was celebrated by being invited by the Coral Gables Museum, FL as guest International Artist with a solo show Marking 85 years since his  birth date, and 61 years since the artist last exhibited in Miami. The Guirado Estate curated a series of his stunningly visual works entitled 'Beyond The Landscape' to celebrate the legacy of this Andalusian Intrarealist master. Curated by Catalina Guirado and Wanda Von Breisky.

'Beyond The Landscape' -

Coral Gables Museum, Miami 2017