Legacy Works

Juan Antonio Guirado had an artistic calling from the time he was very young alongside an authentic commitment to creation and pictorial research. He was born in a town in the province of Jaén. He left Spain for an original and unique destination: Australia. In that far-off corner of the world, he looked for and found a new way to understand Spanish traditions. His work is full of nuances that range from historical avant-garde to movements that were closer to his own time: Essentialism and Intrarealism. 

It is evident through these legacy works that he established close links to Gauguin, Kandinsky, and Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism, besides the movements mentioned above, Intrarealism and Essentialism. This collection features a very carefully chosen sample of Guirado's paintings and collages from his life's work that show his technique and innovation, but also his views on so many aspects of humanity. These views and subject matters are still very pertinent today. 

These are the thematic constants that will be appreciated in the paintings shown here: from light to darkness while touching on such worldly themes such as war, famine, the abuse of nature, politics. 

Most of the legacy works show below were included in the 2015 retrospective at Foundation PONS in Madrid. A month-long reintroduction of the Andalucian artist to Spain that attracted the who's who of Spanish and Europian aristocracy and the art world as well as gaining national press and television coverage. 

 In 2018 the Guirado Estate donated a painting to the University of Jaén's famous art collection to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Guirado was celebrated by the city of Jaén as the maestro of the region and joined the famous art collection that includes the Cesareo Rodriguez- Aguillera Foundation.  An exhibition entitled 'Parallel Visionaries' was curated by art critic Laura Revuelta and Wanda Von Briesky with Guirado alongside other Spanish masters including Tapies, Miro, and Picasso placing Guirado in his rightful position as an artist of academic importance in Spanish art.

Re Birth - Through the Third Eye exhibition, Madrid 2015