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Juan Antonio Guirado was exhibited alongside Spanish Masters Picasso, Miró and Tàpies in ‘Parallel Visionaries’ ('Visionarios en Paralelo’) as a painting by the Intrarealist master from Jaén, Andalusia was curated into the famed Cesario Rodreguez-Aguilera Foundation at the University of Jaén.

February - May 2018

 'Guirado retains his rightful place in the company of Spain’s stellar artists, with this exhibition featuring a group of visionary artists not only united by their Spanish heritage, but also by their international careers and parallel conceptual development.' - Laura Revuelta, Editor in Chief ABC Culture ES

GUIRADO honored by Mayor of Jaén 

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A bronze bust of Juan Antonio Guirado in the 60s, by Helio Clemente, was presented to the City of Jaén last September 2018 by it Mayor, Javier Marquez honoring Guirado's importance as "The Artist of the Province of Jaén". The statue was kindly made by Helio Clemente to replace the original from the 1960's that was stolen from Guirado's art studio after the artist's sudden death in 2010.

The new statue will stand in the art school 'José Nogué' where Guirado attended in 1948. The presentation was attended by Guirado's daughter, President of the Guirado Estate, Catalina Guirado and his close friend and artist of the statue Helio Clemente




The beautiful jewel-colored mixed media painting 'Alteracion/Change' was donated by the Guirado Estate for auction at the Caudwell Children's charity annual Butterfly Ball. The painting was auctioned for $18,000 supporting children with disabilities. Philanthropist 

John Caudwell is a collector of Juan Antonio Guirado and supporter of the arts.  



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A collaboration with LA based Virtual Reality team FLOAT premiered at Coral Gables Museum to launch Miami Art and Art Basel 2018. The VR art installation is one of the first fully immersive experiences in a medium that is becoming increasingly popular at art fairs.

Juan Antonio Guirado held a three-month residency at the Coral Gables Museum as International guest artist alongside Latin master Carlos Cruz-Diez.