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Man & the World/ Decayed Society

The Spanish painter explores mankind's unique creativity in finding ways to better himself within his environment. This hopeful beginning gives way to reflections of society in his time, where there is a mix of consumerism, war, the Communist and Capitalist blocs' politics, and the most absolute contempt for the human condition. Man, the world, and a Decayed Society summarise the leitmotifs of work that will show the contrast between the luminosity of a horizon opening towards a certain hope and the most tortuous paths. The vision of a mad society is one that has become crazed for money or that has been submitted to the constant observation of hyper-vigilance. Politicians and other people responsible for institutions are at the center of the scene, and on the forgotten side are the most disadvantaged, devoured by hunger and penury. "Man & the World" and "Decayed Society" are the two blocks into which this line of thought is divided. 

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