Art World: 3 Major changes to expect from the art world in 2021!

As the President of the Guirado art estate, 2020 saw all art gallery exhibtions canceled and plans to build an art foundation grind to an abrupt halt as the art world was thrown into turmoil. Artsy and Artnet both kicked off the year by asking leading members of the art community what their key changes and hopes are for 2021, a question we are all keen to learn.

ARTSY approached the subject by asking 3 Art world experts, from different sectors of the business - an auction house, a gallery, and an art fair— how they have adjusted this year and how they expect to keep adapting in 2021. Edward Dolman, the CEO of Phillips, Jenkins Johnson Gallery founder and principal Karen Jenkins-Johnson and Art Dubai’s artistic director, Pablo del Val all answered the same 4 questions on what they had seen change and how they hoped to move forward.

Enrico Riley

Untitled: The Party, Illuminated the Night, 2020 Jenkins Johnson Gallery

ARTNET had a slightly different approach by asking an array of curators, artists, dealers, and other leading players the same question; to identify one way that they would like to see the art world change in 2021—and what would need to happen for that to become reality. Each expert gave their take on their particular business model and what had been the most significant breakthrough to come out of a year of challenging circumstances and that they hoped would continue to evolve from it.

The Guirado Estate is at the forefront of groundbreaking VR & AR collaborations. Catalina Guirado views the Juan Antonio Guirado VR installation by FLOAT LAND 'Guirado- Rebirth' at the Coral Gables Museum in 2017.

It appears that everyone agrees that the 3 main changes that will benefit the art world at large:

  • DIGITAL MEDIA - New platforms to raise art and artists' visibility with virtual exhibitions and satellite shows.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL - Realization that we don’t need to or ship art or fly so much with the new virtual technology, collection sharing, remote programming, and even entire conferences.

  • DIVERSITY - More diversity across the board, from color to gender with equal quality for all.

With major challenges for all areas of the market, the answers from the experts all maintain that this is a shift that is much needed and long-awaited.

Catalina Guirado is the President of the Guirado Estate, founded in 2013

to advance and establish the heritage of this critically acclaimed artist. As Director of Guirado Legacy, she combines art and fashion to create limited edition prints, textiles, and luxury wallpapers.

Catalina is studying Social Marketing Specialization at Coursera