For Love of the $$$$

Juan Antonio Guirado's 'The Great Metropolis, 2002 shows a winged angel with a dollar at its heart on the shoulders of a downtrodden figure representing New York. The message being that New York prays to the dollar at the peoples expense. The brown tones of the painting is always representative in Guirado's work as depression.

In a recent article on ArtNet law professor Tim Wu penned an op-ed to the New York Times. His criticisms clarify some of the economics destroying the arts.
In perfect keeping with his reputation as 'The artist with an eye on the future' - ('The Arts' 1979), always politically charged in his paintings, Guirado depicted the New York Metropolis as the center of greed in a series of paintings circa 95-2002. Does nothing change? It seems Guirado's political and environmental works were criticizing the system long before it became fashionable by contemporary artists such as Banksy. Same message different genre of art. Both artists work are contemporary and relevant in todays climate though Guriado's commentary was from 20 years ago which makes me wonder if in 20 years we will have a new Banksy commenting on the same issues again. The real question is will humans ever learn from their mistakes and will the continued thirst for greed and money end?!
See the full article in Artnet, link below.

Wu was quoted as saying,

'Ideally, rents should go up and down in tandem with supply and demand. But that isn’t happening in New York City. Commercial rents are “sticky”: They stay high even when demand is low.

According to Wu, the problem distills down into a poisonous shot and chaser of bad financial incentives and bad bank behavior. It’s exactly the kind of stuff that no one gets into the arts to think about—and partly for that reason, exactly the kind of stuff that warps the arts more aggressively than outsiders realize....'

'Crazy For the Dollar', 1989 - Juan Antonio Guirado

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