Out of Darkness Comes Light - Art, Design & Mental Health

Having been invited to talk about Covid Lockdown, mental health & art with Jonathan Gabay, I wanted to take a look at inspiring art and design that has come from this world pandemic. Never before have we had to rally together to protect each other, support our front liners and take a world 'time out' from what was our reality. Will we come through the other side enlightened? or will we return to the darkness?

Using art to evoke a positive mental and enlightened outlook inspired my own design work at Guirado Legacy and my latest street loungewear textile designs that I sell on my Etsy shop Karma Besos.

I'll start with a digital print that I created :)

I call this 'Rainbow Zen' and created it digitally from the original painting 'Karma' by Juan Antonio Guirado. I wanted to create a more street art contemporary design using uplifting colors that elevate ones mood and energy. The rainbow prisms reflect the chakras of the Zen figure and the butterfly is a symbol of the eternal spirit within us. The revered Spanish Yogi, Ramiro Calle was a close friend of Maestro Guirado's and inspired many of his karmic and Zen paintings that can be used for meditation. The focus of the art is the opening of the third eye and looking to the light. Many paintings show a circle of light that can be interpreted as the light at the end of the tunnel.

I use this re-imagined version as a textile design for my art inspired design shop Karma Besos. It's perfect for my zen-yoga lounge wear that I design using select art of Maestro Guirado to create textiles designs that follow his spiritual philosophy of Zen enlightenment. I started this collection at the beginning of the lockdown as a way to be creative and provide exclusive loungewear designs for staying home.

Most of us have been living in leggings and comfy clothing and by using enlightening art as design inspiration I want to help lift peoples mood with colorful patterns and stylish combinations to wear at home or exercising.

I feel that using art as textiles is a beautiful way to introduce the art to a new generation. The art and fashion world have flirted together for decades and this is another form of artistic expression that is being brought to the streets.

I also have also created art inspired face mask/scarves/gaiters with the intention of helping people feel less anxious about seeing people with a mask or wearing one themselves. By making the face mask a design statement it helps acceptance to this new period we are facing where we must remain respectful, kind and mindful of each other.


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