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Guirado Estate - Our Work

Named the 'Artist of the 21st Century and 'Artist with an Eye on the Future' in the press back in the 1970s, the Guirado Estate has collaborated with cutting-edge technology using the paintings of Juan Antonio Guirado to maintain that his art is always at the forefront of art development. 

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Guirado & FLOAT LAND

A collaboration with Los Angeles-based virtual reality art studio FLOAT LAND in 2017 that premiered at Art Miami & Miami Art Basel.

 Guirado - Re-Birth infused paintings by Guirado into a virtual world where the viewer literally immersed themselves in the mind and paintings of Juan Antonio Guirado. The ultimate experience of seeing with the third eye and experiencing the school of art known as Intrarealism that Guirado embraced. VISIT FLOAT.


Juan Antonio Guirado VR Gallery with VR ZONE

The Guirado Estate is proud to partner with VR ZONE in this virtual reality platform that allows patrons to wander around the gallery and interact with other guests, much like attending a gallery opening. Available with Oculus or laptop viewing. VISIT

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The Karma Sanctum Soho - Suite 401

Suite 401 or the Guirado room as it is known was commissioned by the award-winning boutique hotel Karma Sanctum Soho to be designed with a luxury wall mural and complimenting room accessories by Catalina Guirado using the skull painting Apocalypse by Juan Antonio Guirado as inspiration. Catalina's art & design brand Guirado Legacy creates bespoke luxury wallpaper murals, digitally remastered for VIP clientele including the band Iron Maiden's board room! 

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