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Enlightenment Vs Doctrine

Enlightenment vs Doctrine

Divinity features the most spiritual part of Guirado's work, illuminated by Western religious traditions and the meditative practice of Eastern doctrines. The balance that opens the mind's eye, that which is referred to as the Third Eye. Kali's Tunnel, through which strolls a pacific and patient wisdom faced with eternal conflicts, such as the Jewish-Palestinian one. Eternal salvation or damnation in the hell of crucifixion, of a contemporary Calvary, of terrorism, of wars, of famines. The Judgement Day of Jesus as a man and his sins. Guirado oscillates towards a Universal Prayer that will prevent us from being burned at the stake. It is there that the most Andalusian (Spanish) and Baroque essence joins the essence of other forms of spirituality. "Doctrine" and "Enlightenment" are the blocks into which this line of thought is divided


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