Juan Antonio Guirado 1932-2010






The artist from Jaén, Andalucia is

known as the  Spanish maestro of 

the school of art known as Intrarealism,

'Seeing with the third eye'.

This Spanish-Australian artist discovered

a new world of philosophy and spirituality on

 immigrating to Australia in the 1950s.

With spiritual, political and environmental

works spanning his career from the 

1960s - 2010,  he was an artist ahead

of his time with visionary paintings

that are relevant to today's current

topics and world politics.





Guirado 'Rebirth'  Virtual Reality Installation premiered at Coral Gables Museum as part of Miami Art & Miami Art Basel 2017. The Virtuality Reality installation launched the 3-month exhibition by Juan Antonio Guirado as  International guest artist.

copywrite Guirado Estate 2017

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