'An Artist with an eye on the future'



Discover the art and philosophy of Juan Antonio Guirado, the critically acclaimed post-war contemporary Spanish painter from Jaén who, escaping a fascist regime, traveled across the world to Australia where he created a unique style of painting. 

With works in major permanent collections including the Museo Reina Sofia Madrid, The Museum of Malta, Museo Gilabert, Arboles, ES  winner of the gold medal of the Grolla D'rollo, Venice art competition in 1975.

When asked how he would describe his own painting, Guirado replied, “I would describe it as Intrarealist painting. It is the type of painting that one has to see with the third eye, the eye of the mind.”


“The colors were radically different for a start. My pictures in Australia were full of light, and I used colors like blue, white and yellow. In Spain all my pictures were in shades of brown and grey” – Australian Woman’s weekly, Nov 11, 1970