The Estate of Juan Antonio Guirado was originally founded in 2013, by the artist’s only daughter, Catalina Guirado. Its primary aim is to advance and establish the heritage of this critically acclaimed 20th Century artist.


The Estate is supported by an international loan programme, as well as a research and documentation centre. This collection has examples of every aspect of Guirado’s versatile artistic output and its typologies. These include preparatory studies, drawings and paintings, all varying in theme and technique.


Collection genres include Andalusian landscapes, a large series of portraitures, bullfighting studies, abstract & spray paintings, and the largest and most recognised body of work comprises of visionary paintings, otherwise known as Guirado’s Intrarealist work, which was strongly influenced by his social- political views, his environmental concerns, spiritual beliefs, study of eastern philosophy and man’s ever growing quest for enlightenment.


In our mission to increase our full understanding and appreciation of Guirado’s work, a dedicated team of cataloguers and art historians continuously document and research this artist’s fascinating creative process.


The Guirado Estate also aims to encourage contemporary artists to celebrate their passion for the fine arts in the artistic practice. With this in mind, the Guirado Estate intends to give grants, hold a series of competitions & educational programmes aimed at the promotion of emerging artists and the diffusion of the Andalusian artist’s unique technique.


At the Guirado Estate we are dedicated to furthering Guirado’s legacy through the preservation of the object, as well as its cultural, historical & essentialist context, highlighting both Spanish & Latin influences and heritage.

"THE 21st century Artist"

"An Artist revered by Yogis to Royalty"

"Guirado is a master painter" 

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